Just be yourself!  Seriously, there’s nothing girls appreciate more than genuine authenticity. No need for pretense

Listen actively.  When she's sharing something, be all ears. It shows you value her opinions and feelings. 

Find shared interests.  Maybe it's a favorite book, hobby, or TV series. Common ground is always a great place to start! 

Drop the stereotypes.  Girls aren't a monolith. Everyone's unique, so don't bundle them all into one box. 

Mind your body language.  A warm smile, open posture, and good eye contact can make anyone feel welcome. 

Avoid being too pushy.  Friendship isn’t a sprint; it's a marathon. Give it time and space to develop naturally. 

Expand your horizons.  Join clubs or groups where you can meet new people, including girls, and bond over shared activities. 

Always respect boundaries.  If she’s not into a topic or activity, respect her choice and move on. 

Share a bit about you.  Open up about your experiences, interests, and dreams. It's a two-way street, after all. 

Stay positive and supportive. Encourage her dreams and aspirations. Every friend, girl or boy, values a cheerleader in their corner.